POTD: Pete in Florida

Peter Peter in Florida

Yesterday, we saw a picture of Pete after he'd settled in and was playing in our Michigan home.  Today is a picture how he looks now, settled in to our home in Florida.  
Stay tuned for tomorrow, for a repeat the most famous Pete pic of all!
Meow for now,
NTM and The Purries

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Well, Pete, "The Boys" and I are sure glad you've got settled in to your new home.

    That's a mighty fine carpet there, too. Bet it feels good under your feets!

  2. I bet it helped that Florida is much warmer than Michigan. Just wait until the summers!

  3. Pete, you sure have grown!

  4. He looks pretty settled and happy!

  5. We love to see Pete happy and settled.


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