Free Temptations!

Today we received FREE Temptations MixUps in the mail!  NTM was contacted recently by a marketing firm, asking us if we'd like to try the newest Temptations flavors.  Well, of course they had lots of eager participants in us Purries!  After Bella posed with the bags of Surfer's Delight and Backyard Cookout, we got to try the beefy flavors of Backyard Cookout.  
We loved them! 
 Spooker even came into the kitchen (she usually waits to be served her Temptations on her perch on the couch) so she could get first dibs!
Tomorrow night is Surfer's Delight!  Jack is already humming "Let's go surfin' now!"

You can find Temptations on Facebook at
Eyad took these pictures (as you can tell by his logo in the corners) and he's submitted the top one of Bella to Temptations to be considered for their Temptations Tuesday Cat on Facebook.
Thanks to for sending us the treats and Thanks to Temptations for just being so darn delicious and addictive!
~ The Purries

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Mo and The Purries


  1. love my kids
    *WINK* to my Chloe Love <3

  2. Lucky you for your free temptations!

  3. Wow, that's awesome! The only thing better than Temptations are FREE temptations! :)

  4. New Temptations are allus good. Free is better.

  5. I love the Surfer's delight, Mum bought me some more just yesterday. Too bad they weren't free tho.

  6. How do you get "free" temptations? My cats all love the diary in the purple bag! They can not get enough!!!!


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