Bella and the Case Of
Formerly Feral Kittens

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We have at least two little wild kittens who have been visiting Ramses' food bowl on the porch the last couple of days. (I've posted some grainy pics of them on my facebook page).
 There's no question these are little spawns of Ramses, the black feral House Panther father of millions of our neighborhood who regularly comes to our porch for dinner.  There's one all-black tiny House Panther and one solid-grey one.  There may be a second black one.  Anyway, these kittens are so wild and feral and will run far far away if I even try to talk to them, much less approach.
I am hesitant to try to trap them.  For starters, I'm not sure what I'd do with them IF I could catch them.  I'd get them vet care, but then what - try to find a foster home or a shelter?  I have no room here for another kitty, no matter how cute!

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I also think about how WILD those kittens are.  But then I think of what Bella was like when she was that age.  Catching HER was no easy feat.  And she was a WILD THING.  When I first snatched her up, she sunk her fangs into my thumb and nearly pierced by thumb nail.  But after a few days locked in the bathroom and some good food and attention, she came around.  Now, she is quite affectionate and loving and content.  It's storming as I type this, and while all the other Purries have gone to hide under furniture, Bella has come to snuggle in next to me on the couch as a safety zone.  This just proves to me that even the wildest kitten can become a loving house cat.
So, I do have hope for those little wild things who visit my porch for some Kitten Chow.  I just have to figure out how to catch them!

thank you!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. There are people who work with ferals who do trap and return. It's tough to do because you know you aren't sending the cats back to a good home but to fend for themselves. However, if they are at least altered they won't add to the population... Tough decision!

  2. You can always see if there is a feral group in your area who can give you advice. Check Alley Cat Allies for more info too.

  3. I myself started out as quite a spitfire kitten, but the truth is I really wanted to be found. And I was! Wishing you great success with the the newbies.

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Big heart...

  5. Oh yes! See if you can trap them and get them fixed! And see if you can trap that evil Ramses and get HIM fixed! There should be some groups in your area that work with ferals, ex-ferals, etc. And now is the ending of the kitten season, so there should be some room opening up at some foster homes. Check with vets and as Sparkle said, Alley Cat Allies, PetsMart, Humane Society or city animal shelters. You can do it NTM!

    Luf, Us and Maw

  6. Good advice above, Mo. Especially trap Ramses and get him fixed. Feral groups should give you all the info and help you need to fix (small pun) this problem and help the kitties.

    Laura and Taffy

  7. We wish you good fortune in helping the little feral kitties!

  8. Hopefully there is a good TNR program nearby, or a rsecue that would work with them.

    I despair for all my ferals, and still wish I could take them all in!

    Good luck!

  9. TNR is the best thing you can do for these feral fur babies. A friend of ours lives in a neighborhood that had a huge population and they patiently TNR'd as many as they could. A couple of years ago, the last of the elderly ferals passed away and there have been no more. TNR works!

  10. I think TNR might be the best way to go. Good luck, and big purrs and prayers. Thank you for caring!


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