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We just received a Canadian Cabin from Cascades e-boutique for The Purries to try out.  Above, you can see Daphne and Bella checking out the package.  The cabin is one of two designs offered by Cascades (the other is a tipi), and they also make children's play houses out of 100% recycled cardboard.  Their cardboard is crafted in Canada from recycled cardboard fibers recovered in the USA and Canada.  Cascades is the largest recoverer of used cardboard in Canada.
We got the cabin in exchange for blogging about it here, and I must say that it was very easy to assemble (no tools required!). The Cascades website says "the cardboard wood grain printed design gives the cat house a very cool look. This fun and modern abode will make your guests smile " and that the kraft-colored roof of the cabin can be colored on by children or decorated to match your decor.
The excess pieces of punch-out cardboard can be used to create a couple of cat toys, too, and you can see one of these cardboard balls in front of our finished cabin:

It took about three and a half minutes before Pete came up to inspect my work and sniff the entire cabin.  Some other items in Cascades' e-boutique include recycled cardboard childrens' playhouses, coolers, and even briefcases!  Their recycled plastic outdoor furniture looks totally cool, too!  I could use one of those Adirondack chairs for my front porch!
Meanwhile, you can see Pete doing a quality control inspection on our cabin:

Once Pete had given it a paws-up, Daphne quickly went inside.  Of course, her little tabby shadow Bella darted in after her, and Daphne decided to vacate for the time being.

Which was just fine with Bella, who thought it was just perfectly Bella-sized!
Note the fish-shape above the cabin's door.  Each cabin can be customized to fit your home - you can add a fish, elk antlers, or bird wings.  You can even write your cat's name on a banner above the door!

While I uploaded these pictures, Chloe, Jack, and Isis all checked out the interior.  Chloe likes the corrugated insert for the inside, but Isis says she wants a towel or cushion inside for some serious cabin naptime.
Overall, I definitely would agree with Cascades that their cat cabin is fun and stylish, and the fact that is a green eco-friendly item made from recycled cardboard is an extra bonus!  Along with pictures of the tipi and a pair of weather-resistant birdhouse, there is a cute video of the cabin at the Cascades e-boutique.    All three items can be ordered directly from their e-boutique.
If you're looking for a fun privacy sleeper for your cat, check out the e-boutique - will you get a cabin or a tipi?  These would make a great gift for your local no-kill shelter, too!
Thanks to Cascades for our cabin!
~ NTM and The Purries

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  1. Wow--you cats are so majorly lucky to have a cabin like that! How cool are you?!

  2. That looks like a great cabin! I don't know what Truffle and Beignet are going to like.

    Mom Paula

  3. That cabin looks like so much fun!

  4. That's a totally cool cabin!

    Luf, Us

  5. That cabin is the coolest! Enjoy, you kittehs! :)

  6. We thinks this is so cool! Thanks fur sharing with us! xoxo

  7. The cabin looks great. I hope you all enjoy it lots.

  8. What a pretty little house! Lovely!

  9. What an adorable little cabin! And having the punch-outs as cat toys is SO efficient...


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