Movin' On Down

A year ago today, NTM and iDaddy gathered up us Purries and took us from Michigan to Florida.  For those of you not familiar with our family, NTM is our Not The Mama, or Mo.  And iDaddy is our Eyad.
Of course, saying that NTM and iDaddy gathered us up and moved us to Florida is the condensed version.  It's been a whole year now, so we can finally tell you some of the details.
The day started with NTM not knowing when or IF the horrible moving company was going to come get our things, but he had a rental car scheduled and an interview in Florida waiting, so it was that day or never to get us all moved.  Spooker, Daphne, Chloe, Pete, and even Bella all got into their PTU's without too much of a scuffle.  Then Little Isis went into one.  
And then Jack refused to go.  
After quite a fight with NTM, Jack was finally in a PTU - and NTM had a pierced left nipple, gouges on his left arm, and a scratch on his neck.  Blood was dripping down onto the newly cleaned apartment carpet.  He swabbed at the blood but was just relieved to have everyone in Prisoner Transport Units finally, and started loading us into the car.
Then, he realized that Little Isis was not in her PTU.  In fact, her carrier was cracked open like a clam on the beach.  And she was no where to be seen.
NTM about had a heart attack.  
He searched the near-empty apartment, and there was only one place she could be hiding: inside the stack of furniture waiting for the moving van.  He started to frantically un-stack the furniture in a panic, when he happened to glance down and there was Little Isis, sitting by his foot, looking up at him like "What ya doing?"
Well, he says he'd never moved so quick as when he swooped down and snatched her up and deposited her into her re-assembled PTU before she could even blink.  
Once everyone was in the car, NTM and iDaddy got in and we started on our journey.  Pete started mewing the minute the car started, and didn't stop for the next twelve hours.  Every few seconds: mew.  Mew.  Mew.
NTM was covered in cat hair matted in blood from where Jack had scratched him but good, so he stopped at the only department store in town and got a new shirt and cleaned up in their restroom.  Ironically, it was a job at that very store that brought NTM up to Michigan in the first place.  Talk about full-circle.  He gave that store a last few drops of his blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention some cat hair, and we all started our journey south again.
Mew, mew, mew: Pete was non-stop.
Aside from Spooker, who had moved with NTM from Ohio, all of us had been born in Michigan and had never travelled in a PTU longer than a trip to the vet. Well, this was quite different than a trip to the vet, let us tell you!  
Mew, mew, mew: Pete constantly reminded us all that he was still with us, and not too happy about it.  Over and over and over again.  Mew, mew, mew!
We travelled 19 hours, almost non-stop, from Dowagiac, Michigan to Orlando, Florida, that long day.  NTM didn't want to stop longer than it took to re-fuel, because of us Purries in the car.  He was determined to get us to our new home safe, which he did.
We arrived about 3:30am at the new place.  Now, you have to realize that NTM and iDaddy had never seen the new place in person, only in pictures online.  This was quite the leap of faith they took that the new house would be safe and actually waiting for us.  Thankfully, it was.  There was a light on the porch, and a light on inside.  NTM couldn't get the most-likely keys to go into the locks, and he was more than half certain that someone inside was going to open the door with a shotgun, but finally, a key fit into the lock and they got inside.  After NTM and iDaddy made a quick inspection of the house to make sure it was empty and safe, they unloaded us in our PTUs into the bedroom and set up litter boxes and bowls of water, and inflated an air mattress for them to sleep on.  The door to the bedroom was shut with all of us inside, and we had the doors to our PTUs open so we could explore -- most of us went into the walk-in closet to recuperate and hunker down in this strange new place.
And NTM then collapsed onto the air mattress and tried to sleep off the stress of the previous 24 hours, the echo of Pete's non-stop mewing still ringing in his ears.
Now that we've been here a year, we've all adjusted, of course.  Even though it took some of us a few days longer than others.  But we won't name names, Bella.  Or maybe we will.
The horrible moving company finally delivered the furniture about a week later, and the new house could finally start to become our new home.
So now we're Florida kitties, and Michigan is but a cold memory.  None of us ever want to go through that again, however!
~ The Purries
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Mo and The Purries


  1. NTM is so brave I am so proud of him ♥
    always Love you my family ♥


  2. Dear Purries,

    What a lovely story of your journey from Michigan to Florida...except for the bloody shirt part...mew mew mew. Poor NTM. I am happy you have all adjusted to your new home.

    Purrs and Scritches,

  3. Great story! You should all be very proud of yourselves! What a pawsome your NTM is!

  4. That was quite the undertaking! Scary too--such a long drive, huge upheaval. We're glad it's all but a memory now.

    And the mom says, what's wrong with a pierced nipple? Haha. Sorry, if it's by choice it's one thing....:-P

  5. P.S. No, she actually doesn't have one because she's really not into pain, though she certainly knows a few people who do! ;-)

  6. We were all so happy when your NTM decided to leave MI. We knew he was not happy there.

    Very glad you've all adjusted to your new home.

  7. Wow, that was an ordeal! It makes visiting the vet sound like a walk in the park. Or maybe not.

  8. Remember the story of the moving company. So glad Isis didn't get lost and you all made it safely to your new home. What a trip!

  9. NTM moved just as I finally learned to spell Dowagiac! I'm just so happy all of you purries are safe and with each other hunting lizards.

  10. We hope our humans never decide to move (shuddering) how awful for you purries. Scylla would have howled the whole way. That is what she does on the way to the vet. She is very LOUD. Arty is an angel she didn't make a peep when Mommy brought her home from Meridian (3 hours in a PTU) and Socks is OK on trips to Meridian. And of course Fenris is a dog and he actually likes car rides (weird we knows). So we thinks the humans wouldn't enjoy the experience much either because of Scylla.

    But how awful to have to endure a long car ride then wind up in a new place.

  11. Wow! That must have been one wild trip. The Woman says she's stayed in hotels with cats and really--it can be done! :) And it might save your sanity.

  12. WOW!! We are amazed that you did that in one day!!! That must be an unforgettable journey ;) heehee
    We are glad it all worked out OK and that you are all one BIG happy family of cats and beans :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. My Mommeh said she feels stress just reading about it! Moving is hard. And skerry.


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