Purina ONE Package Inspection

Little Isis: "Hmm... 
we got something in the mail... 
it looks like a giant can!"

Isis and the GIANT CAN

"Those clever folks at
sent us some trial cans
packaged inside a BIG soft CAN!"

Isis inspects the Purina ONE package

"There are eight flavors for Spooker to try.
We will let you know
in a future post
how she likes them!"


"Hey!  Why don't I get to try them?!?!"
~ Little Isis

Disclosure: We received our trial box of Purina One's new Smart Blend canned wet food in exchange for this blog post and review.  
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Man that was one big can! I was thinking YOWZA!

  2. Clever packaging! We'll be interested in your taste test review!

  3. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Kitty dream can... LOL!

  4. Wow - if that package had been one large can what a great food party that would have been!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. WOW!!!! That is a cool package :)
    We can't wait to see how Spooker likes them ;)
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  6. We can't wait fur the review! Enjoy! xoxo

  7. Do you know if it's gluten-free? I'm trying to find a wet cat food Wendell will eat if he does have the dreaded "d" word and since he eats enough Purina One dry food for a tiger maybe he'd eat this. (He usually does not go for wet food, unless it's my food.)


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