Nipsy Tambourines

Our friend Pixel's mom has created a new shop on Etsy where you can get some really cool new cat toys.  She sent us some samples to try (we love being product testers!) and we all like them, but Daphne LOVE LOVE LOVES them. 
She is pictured above, auditioning to be a spokesmodel for Nipsy Tambourines. 
They are made with repurposed water bottle caps and yarn, and they have NIP inside.  They shake and rattle a bit when you play with them, so she has named them Nipsy Tambourines.  What a cute name, eh?
Here's the link to the Nipsy Tambourine shop: KB Meow Cat Creations
These products are Purries tested, Purries approved!
The ones below would  make PURRFECT stocking stuffers for the purries on your Christmas list!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. How cute and purrfectly festive!

  2. What a terrific idea! One of Mr Tucker's favorite toys was a stray bottle cap...we called it a hockey puck. I think he would have loved a Nipsy Tambourine.

  3. those look like says she has done our shopping for xmas but maybe for Junior's birthday!

  4. Those a so cute, and look very enjoyable!
    Happy Tuesday..
    ~ Anna Sue

  5. These are really great cat toys.
    They were tested to make sure they wouldn't come apart during play.
    And after my big rowdy Texas cats played with them for days, they still didn't come apart.
    My cats LOVE them.
    Even quiet little Missy went into a frenzy playing with them!
    (Pixel is Smokey's girlfriend cat and she sent him a bunch of them).


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