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We received a sample of NOse Offense to review.  This product is created by Rembo Corp, "a leader in odor elimination technology since 1977" and was created for people who love their pets but hate "that smell."
NOse Offense is a fragrance-free odor-neutralizing spray that eliminates pet odors, rather than masking them.
Their spray is "safe, non-toxic, natural, organic, and biodegradable" and can be used on all water-safe fabrics, litter boxes, cages, pet carriers, and flooring.
Can also be sprayed into the air to eliminate lingering odors -- I tried this in the bathroom after a HUMAN stinky episode, and IT WORKS for that, too!
I liked this product best for spraying in the air to eliminate odors, and for hard surfaces.  Spooker has pee-problems (like standing in the litter box and peeing over the edge) and fortunately we have tile flooring.  NOse Offense helps keep the odor down in the bedroom, where Spooker lives, because no one wants to sleep with cat pee odor.
As far as I know, NOse Offense is only available from their website which is a shame - this product should be more widely available in pet stores or grocery stores to reach a wider commercial audience. That's really the only downside to this great product.
However, their website is easy to shop from and comes with $3.99 flat shipping for no matter how large your order (and NOse Offense is available in up to gallon size refill bottles!).
What I liked best about this product - the company's commitment to being green & recycling, and the fact that the product works as advertised -- it eliminates odor without adding fragrance.
If you're looking for a product to order online to have shipped to your favorite no-kill shelter for the holidays, NOse Offense would be a great gift idea!

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  1. We would be innerested in it fer the "human stinky episodes"... TBT eats too many begtables!


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