Daphne and The Skunk

I know we were remiss in posting about getting our Secret Paws gift earlier, but we do have a few photos of it.  Our Secret Paws gifts came from the wonderful Island Cats, and there were SO many goodies, more than we could count!  One of the favorites in the package was a little catnip skunk.  Daphne was the first to take it for a tousle, but Bella still carries that little floppy skunk around every evening!  Here is Daphne, playing with it, with the festive HO HO HO tissue paper from the Secret Paws package as a background!  Thanks to Wally and Ernie of The Island Cats for such great treats and gifts!

Mo and The Purries


  1. You look like you are having a grand time with that Skunk!

    1. Who knew with a house full of catnip mousies, that a SKUNK would be the go-to critter!

    2. hehe yes she is so Adorable <3

  2. That's the only kind of skunk a kitty should play with! Of course, we kitties are too smart to mess with real ones - not so the dog here... she has gotten sprayed several times!

  3. That skunk looks like a lot of fun!!!

    The Florida Furkids


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