Sympathy Notes

These are some of the sympathy cards we received in the mail for Peter, along with some petals from a rose that the Emergency Vet Clinic gave to us when he passed.  
We would also like to add that the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida, located in Cassellberry provided Peter, and us, with exemplary care.  They were straightforward yet sympathetic, their facilities clean and state of the art, and their staff was the best.  If you are in Central Florida and need emergency vet care, we would recommend them.
We continue to send our gratitude to everyone who sent us condolences, purrs, prayers, donations, and comments for the passing of our special tuxie boy.  We can never say thank you enough, we are so blessed to have your support and love.
Pete will be forever in our hearts.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Thank you everyone
    we will forever be thankful for you

    RIP my Peter Boy you will always be my love and joy


  2. How sweet of everyone who sent sympathy cards. Pete will be missed by many. Purrs once again to you.

  3. How sweet! We're keeping you, Eyad and the kittehz in our purrayers. xoxo

  4. We continue to send you purrs and prayers. Peter will be missed.

  5. That's really sweet for them to send sympathy cards.

    We have been to the Orlando branch of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida more than once, and have to agree with you. They have knowledgeable and compassionate staff, and we're lucky to have such a good after hours clinic available.

    We didn't realize until this post that you were in the same region, and we're very sorry to have to find out this way. Many purrs and hugs to your whole family.

  6. That is so wonderful. Peter touched so many lives. We, too, continue to send you purrs, prayers and hugs.

  7. You are all in our thoughts. (((Hugs))) and purrs.

  8. (((purrs))) to you.
    We know how hard it is to lose a part of the family.
    You're in our thoughts.
    Katie & Glogirly


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