MooshMoosh's Bio

Name: MooshMoosh (formerly known as Angelo)

Family Stuff:  No one knows my biological family history.  But now I have the best adopted family, ever!

Gotcha Day: August 22, 2013

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Coloring:  White with ginger tabby on my ears, orange spots on my back, and a super cute ring-rail.

Nick-name iDaddy calls me:  My nickname is MeshMesh (pronounced MooshMoosh) which means 'apricot' in Arabic.

Down-under: Fixed

Pet Peeve: When I want to be held, I only want it for three seconds - what is this 'hey stay here' thing that the humans want?  I've got things to do, people!

Favorite place to sleep: In the tube of the cat tree in the storage room.

Favorite Things: Making biscuits and PURRING!  Cheezy Poofs!  Also, attacking the bed sheets!

Favorite Toy: Mr & Mrs Mousie (I steal them away from my siblings whenever I can!)

Favorite Color: orange

Interesting Tidbit aka This is how I got to be one of the Purries of Purrchance To Dream:
  Not The Mama had agreed to take a bottle baby foster named Rudy.  And in the cage at Petco with Rudy was a little white and ginger kitten named Angie (who was me), who no one seemed to know what to do with, or which foster home I was going to.  Since NTM was taking Rudy anyway, he said he'd take Angie (that's me, remember) also.  Rudy was a handful as a bottle baby, and a bit of a spastic kitten, whereas in contrast, I was so mellow and laid back.  And guess what - when NTM inspected my nether regions better than that lady who put me into that cage with Rudy at Petco, I turned out to be a boy! So NTM and iDaddy called me Angelo. And by the time Rudy was weaned off the bottle and went to another foster home, NTM and iDaddy had fallen in love with me, my mellowness, and my utter cuteness!   

Mo and The Purries


  1. Angelo, you are funny attacking that sheet! I used to do that when I was a kitten.

  2. You're so cute, Angelo! You already look long and sleek in that last photo. You're going to grow into a looong kitty!

  3. Angelo, we can see why you stole the hearts of NTM and iDaddy! You've got the purrfect home now!

  4. You have such a sweet face Angelo so we can tell you'll never ever be naughty!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Awww, Angelo is such a sweetie.
    And those long legs look like they were made for jumping!!!
    : )

  6. wee small dood...grate smak in de camera face at like 45 seconds..... !!! N if ewe like cheezzee poofz...ya gotta try friez !!!! why...just coz.....oh, furtastic new header on yur page two...we loves it !!

  7. NTM and iDaddy are're a cutie!!
    The Florida Furkids

  8. I can see why NTM and iDaddy fell in love with you, Angelo. You are adorable.


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