Sonora's Bio

Name:  Sonora Pepper

Family Stuff:  I was abandoned at a Petco in Orlando before I was even weaned, with my sisters, and we were taken in as foster kittens and bottle fed by Not The Mama.  We were called the Pepper Pack because the grey one of us was a hot tamale when we were first at Petco, and we all got Tex-Mex pepper names: Chili Pepper, Tamale Pepper and me - Sonora Pepper!
 Our sister Tamale was adopted by a very nice lady, and we hope to hear updates from her sometime.

Birthday: March 13, 2013

Gotcha Day: May 15, 2013

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Coloring:  Silver tabby

Nick-name Not The Mama calls me:  Sonora Ora Ora

Down-under: Fixed  (was I broken?)

Pet Peeve: When my brother PJ jumps on me when I'm sleeping and bites the back of my neck.

Favorite place to sleep:  By iDaddy's legs.  NTM wishes it was next to him, but I found out quick that he kicks during his sleep.  Plus, he snores.  It's much more peaceful on iDaddy's side of the bed!

Favorite Things: I like catnip, wrestling with my sister Chili, and chasing RED DOT!

Favorite Toy: Mrs. Mousie

Favorite Color: Pink!

Interesting Tidbit:
I've got a really long tail!

Mo and The Purries


  1. We are very pleased to meet your Sonora Pepper!! We are so glad you are joining NTM and the gang!!
    We'll be back to visit again!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. How cool to find out more about you, Sonora! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you here!

  3. You certainly do have a long tail. It doesn't even fit in that last photo! It's so wonderful to learn more about you.

  4. You are just gorgeous, Sonora. We love your wonderful big eyes.

  5. meowloz two ewe sonora....we R happee ta lurn mor bout ewe N we R all sew veree happee ya dinna say yur fav o rite food iz....burd......

    it isnt.....iz it


  6. Hey, Sonora Pepper kittie. Glad to make you acquaintance. You're kind of a cutie.


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