Brotherly Love

PJ and Angelo love to wrestle, like most kitty brothers.  Angelo doesn't care that he's a several weeks younger than PJ, and is about half PJ's weight.  He holds his own.  Here are some shots of the brothers, in between wrestling matches on the bed.  Enjoy!

Mo and The Purries


  1. They are such a cute duo!

  2. They're adorable! We're sure that Angelo holds his own despite being older. Kittens don't seem to understand size that way. They just see potential playmates.

  3. They're so adorable!! Mom is squeeing so loud we're covering our ears.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. It is so cute to see them playing like that.
    They are very cute ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  5. Aw, that is so sweet. I love how kittens can just totally go at it, and then they're all cuddly a little later. Humans could learn a lot from them, don't you think?

  6. They are good pals fur sure

  7. Yeah, Derby is bigger than I am, but I still take him on!


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