Butterscotch & Salem

Here are our two newest fosters at Purrchance To Dream: Butterscotch and Salem.
They were part of a litter of four kittens who were abandoned at Petco in a backpack!  There were two orange tabby kittens and two black kittens.  Butterscotch and Salem's littermates, Toffee and Licorice, are in another foster home here in Orlando, and we get to see them on adoption day Saturdays at Petco.
All four of these little dudes go this Wednesday to get neutered, meaning that next Saturday, they will be available to go home for adoption.  Simply by judging people's reactions to the kittens while they've been at Petco so far, we predict that Butterscotch and Toffee will be adopted soon.  The sad fact is that there is little adoption interest in the black cats, like Salem and Licorice.  We think this is very sad, and wish more people loved black cats and would open their hearts and homes to adopting more House Panthers.
All four of these kittens, as well as others available for adoption now, can be viewed on The Way Home's adoptable pet page.  An online adoption form can also be filled out on the organization's website.  We hope that all four of these adorable, friendly kittens find homes soon, while they're still kittens!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Look at the eyes on Salem! How could anyone NOT want him? He has so much personality.

  2. They are beautiful little guys. When I am able, I would like at least one house panther. There's a lovely one who eats here and sometimes uses the small igloo on our patio to stay dry and warm. I would happily open the door to her. She has already made her way into my heart.

  3. Of course they will find a home. They look so sweet.

  4. Such sweeties. We hope they both get homes quickly.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. OMC, they are both adorable! We have our paws and fingers crossed for adoptions -- quickly!

  6. They are so cute. We'll never understand why people don't like house panthers.

  7. Rumblemum is paying WAY too much attention to that Butterscotch. Good that we're not closer *glaring at Rumblemum*

  8. that is a lot of cuteness. paws crossed for ALL four boys finding their forever homes quick!

  9. Terrible how people just leave kittens out to fend for themselves. Hisss
    Thanks so much for all you do!


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