Happy Boxing Day and Happy 1600


Minion sends wishes 
of a Happy Boxing Day 
to everyone!

isis in a box

We have been officially changing the name of our Little Isis online to Minion.  Our dads have called her Minion for years, but her we used the name Little Isis for her online presence.  With the current political climate in the USA, we decided it was best to change her online name, even though she has been online long before any terrorist group and she was named for the Egyptian goddess.  But we thought it was best.  So please welcome the kitty formerly known as Little Isis, who will now be called Minion online.
This is also our 1600th blog post here on Purrchance To Dream, can you believe it?
Celebrate by finding an empty box to climb into for Boxing Day!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Concatulations on your 1600th post ! We understand the change of the name, Minion is really cute. Purrs

  2. Minion is a cute name. Concats on 1600 posts.

  3. Happy 1600 posts!!! That is a lot. I think Minion is a cute name :)


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