Look who's up!

After another long mid-day nap, Jazper got up and did some meet & greets with customers.
He then wanted to be held, for a long, long time. He's getting more comfortable around the store, but still prefers either to be in his hidey-hole or up in my arms.
He certainly is a purry fellow!
Hope everyone has a purry-good evening,
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Jazper probably wants to be held such a lot because he really missed being cuddled when he was out on the streets. He may get slightly less clingy when he is finally sure that he has got a furrever home and is not about to be abandoned again.

    He looks like he is loving his new home!

  2. our Lady would go back lots to any store that has a furrendly kitty, but she only knows of 1 bookstore out here that has a shop kitty. he sure is a cute one!

  3. Wow Jazper you get to meet all dem people! You gots the best of both worlds, a great store to hang out in and meet efurryone and then jump in yur human's arms and feel efun safer!
    You gots such a nice white tuxedo and purty nose too. Yur a real looker!

  4. o, Jazper, u are such a hansum guy. him's look like he's got black eyeliner, biggifies him's purrty eyes.

    i gotted jet lag, too. i flew from LA ta Hewston TX all by myselfs to gets to my furever home.

  5. Fat Eric: I'm thinking the same thing, about once he realizes this is his new home, he'll be less clingy -- but he does LOVE to be held! Right now, he's been bribed with stinky goodness so that I can have some computer time!

    Grr, Midnight & Cocoa: I like to go into stores that have cats, too. Before I 'dopted Jazper, I talked with 2 local stores owners who have cats -- finding out the pros (most people love them, and the companionship) and the cons (complaints from "I'm allergic" customers -- so far, Jazper hasn't had a single complaint!)

    Beau Beau & Angie: I think he's a lucky kitty, too -- to get to meet new people all the time. And he certainly has that "goodwill ambassador" attitude!

    kc: I'm so glad you're up to making comments on blogs! We ♥ you sooo much, and are so thankful that you're on the road to recovery.
    &hearts ~ Not the Mama

  6. Momma said what a love bug and hopes that he gets his fill of cuddling. She says he just looks all cuddly. Purrs from all of us!


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