Formerly Feral (?) Friday

Here's our boy Jazper, taking his afternoon nap. Please pay no attention to the mess in my office. I've spent more time holding/petting my new friend than tidying up the place.
Yesterday was the first time he'd slept out in the open, not in his hidey hole. And let me tell you, the boy can sleep. Nothing interrupted him -- not the phone, incoming faxes, me boxing up packages, waiting on customers. He slept right through until his tummy alarm went off.

If you look closely in the picture above, you will see he is sleeping with/on his fev-ver butt rattle mousie. I took a close-up so you can see better:

Isn't that the cutest?

In other news: this morning, I had a PopTart for breakfast, and the Jaz-man had Lamb With Rice in Gravy. What's wrong with this scenario?
By the way, I need to NOT get wet cat food with rice in it again. Ew. Can you say looks like maggots? But he LOVED it!

When Jazper jumps up and wants to be held, not only does he purr & head-butt, but he also likes to rub noses -- eskimo style. Every other cat I've ever had in my life doesn't like their nose touched. But Jazper not only licks my face like a puppy, but will rub noses like an eskimo! What an extraordinary kitty!
Oh, the other thing I need to remember: don't wear a sweater to work again until after the SoftPaws are applied!

So, I'm wondering, does RK Jazper really fit into Formerly Feral Friday?
I mean, he's a Rescue Kitty. But clearly he was someone's pet before -- this is the most affectionate, loving and grateful cat I've ever seen. Yes, I can tell by the ragged claws and calloused pads on his feet that he was on his own for a while. But what do you think? Does he qualify as a Formerly Feral?

So, let me know what you think: Does Jazper fit Formerly Feral Friday -- yes or no?

Mo and The Purries


  1. I don't think we're picky. Was I really feral? But I get a formerly feral Friday story sometimes. I mean I was too little to be really feral!

  2. Hmm. I dunno. Mommy wonders if I'm formerly feral, cause she thinks prolly somebody owned my mommy but didn't want some kittens. She doesn't think I was truly feral.

    But it doesn't matter, I think any time on the mean streets can change a kitty's life.

    Jazper sounds really kewl.

  3. Gemini & Merlin:
    Good insights, both of you!

    Merlin: I'm saying a little purr-rayer for a LT buddy for you!

    ~ Not The Mama

  4. I may haf been feral tu, but Mom likes tu think I wus just wating fur her...

  5. We are not that finicky about whether the kitties were really feral. Any kitty that was homeless and had to fend for him/herself qualifies. I just love these posts about Jazper. I'm so glad he found you.

  6. ooooh - i like ta do nose kissys too! an also i like ta lick the Lady's nose an then i lick her rite on the lips!

    Rattly fev-ver butt mousies RULE! that's such a cute picture!!!

  7. Hello Not the Mama! I am Millie, and I am the founder of Formerly Feral Friday. I really was feral. I think that any cat that has the misfortune to have to live out in the world without people to look after him/her qualifies.

    Jazper, you are so handsome! And you are so lucky to have found such a terrific forever home. And you are so Brave! I let my Lady pet me a little, but I don't let her pick me up, and I don't let her get too close.

    You can visit my blog and find my (really long) story. Find the link to Malcolm, Friend to Kittens Everywhere. Welcome to the blogoshpere!

  8. I'm with Millie and Cecilia on this one. Any kittie that had to fend for itself outside can qualify as feral.

    Jazper, you are so beautiful. I was looking back at Danielle's 'old' blogs with the outside cat photos and saw you playing.


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