Thanks, Drs Foster & Smith!

Hello my cool cats ~
It's the Jaz-man here, reporting that my bud the Fed-Ex guy just delivered our Christmas Package from Doctors Foster & Smith today!
While Not The Mama says he's sorry UPS doesn't deliver Drs Foster & Smith, the Fed-Ex guy said "Hi Jazper!" to me -- the grumpy guy who hadn't said 2 words in 13 months to Not The Mama remembered my name! Can you beat that?

We are quite impressed with Drs Foster & Smith, by the way, they were really, really fast with shipping this order, plus they gave us $5 OFF 'cuz it was our second order, plus they had some of the stuff we wanted ON SALE! And they had everything we wanted in-stock, which Not The Mama says is impressive for this time of year, whatever that means...

Not The Mama says we can't show pictures of the goodies, 'cuz some are for another blogging kitty, but he will let me tell you what my sisters-in-paws are getting for Christmas (because he's gonna give Spooker hers tonight!)
Daphne & Chloe are getting a stocking full of new toys, plus a bottle of catnip bubbles!
And Spooker is getting a heated cozy bed, because she's older and she deserves a warm place to nap in her dotage.

So, now we's gotta get a special package done up to put into the mail. But Oh, before I forgets -- the Empress Bee has put our Purrchance To Dream kitties in Christmas portraits in the sidebar of her bloggie! Check it out!
Very cool!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Yeah!!!! Meowmy LOVES her UPS man at work. The FedEx guy is cool too but the UPS man tells Meowmy secrets (like the actual # of the sorting facility so she can REALLY track her package). I'm glad you got lots of goodies for Christmas. We have a bag from Siamese Rescue with the Chip Man's name on it but I think its for me. I am Siamese so its for me.


  2. hey j! that's what i need! a warm place to nap in my dotage!!! (smile)

    auntie bee

  3. that's a great picture of Jazper! we went to visit your friend's blog and it made our Lady smile and giggle. thank you - she's really depressed today and it's bugging us.

  4. Very cool! Those gifts sound terrific. :) A heated bed sounds absolutely wonderful!


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