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Thirteen Things You Need To Know
RK Jazper

13 Things about RK Jazper ~ by Not The Mama:

1. For those of you just tuning in, the RK in RK Jazper stands for "Rescue Kitty". The name Jazper came from Jasper + Jazz + Purr (he luvs to purr!) = Jazper. You can read more about him here and here.

2. He loves to be held. When I try to do actual work on the computer, and not hold him, he sometimes climbs over the back of the chair and tries to perch on my shoulder until I hold him.

3. He is a purring machine. As a Goodwill Ambassador in The Wren's Nest, he purrs so loud that even little old ladies with hearing aids can hear him!

4. He loves going down to the basement, which is the store's stock room. Lots of empty cardboard boxes. Plus, running up and down the stairs is great fun. He also runs up the stairs to the apartments above the store. He just likes stairs.

5. He likes to sit in the display windows on sunny days. When Bessie walks by with her little poodle, Jazper just looks wryly out at the little fluff ball, which drives it into bouncy insanity.

6. He has a Roman nose. I've never seen a cat with such a prominent probiscus before. It adds to his rugged charm & good looks.

7. At the very tip of his tail, there is a kink. You can't see it for his fur, and his tail certainly doesn't look bent, but you can feel that the last centimeter of his tail kinks at a 45° angle.

8. He has a notch out of the top of his right ear. A war wound from the alley cat days, perhaps. It makes me wonder what his life was like out on the streets, and I am so thankful for the donations & Danielle's family that allowed him to come be here with me, in a safe, warm environment.

9. He LOVES stinky goodness. He has access to kibble all day, but he will go wild for wet cat food. But, considering he is a formerly feral, he is awfully picky about his stinky goodness. The first canned food we tried was Friskies. He adores it. Then we tried Nine Lives. Nope, he would rather eat dust bunnies. So back to Friskies. But we've learned: anything with tuna is a hit. Salmon is a non-winner. And beef basically gets ignored. So the tuna varieties fill my shopping cart on stinky goodness re-stocking days.

10. He is quite vocal, and we will have long conversations. He has a distinct chirrup when he is hungry during the day. He also snores.

11. He does not like wearing a collar. The collar that he came with when I picked him up from the airport was quickly shredded. The one with the brass name plate that I got for him -- well, he has taken it off several times. Now, he's hidden it somewhere in the shop where we can't find it. Smart kitty.

12. He has 8" steel-reinforced claws o'death. I try to trim one claw per day. He does NOT like to have his feet touched, and the SoftPaws were an unmitigated disaster attempt. But he will tolerate one claw per day trimmed before he tries to defend his clawly manliness.

13. When I can't go to the store, like today (I'm snowed in again), Bessie goes in and feeds him and plays with him. I suspect there's a trip to the basement and lots of treats involved too, but she likes having her private time with the big galoot. And he just adores her, so it's a good match.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Thanks for sharing about Jazpur. He sounds like quite an amazing cat indeed and of course he should have special tastes!


  2. well honey did you ever see a cat eat a cow?? for goodness sakes! no wonder he doesn't like beef!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. hahahahah! "Claws o'death" I like that one. When feral cats get spayed or neutered, they usually have a notch put in their ear for identification. Was Jazper neutered before he found his forever home with you?

    I love his roman nose!

  4. Steel reinforced claws....kinda like Wolverine!!!

  5. Señor Gato1:52 PM

    To Chloe (live of my life)

    Be my Valentine, my love,
    As I will be for you,
    And we will love the whole day long,
    And love our whole lives through.
    For love has no parameters
    And does not end with time,
    But is the gift of paradise,
    A pinch of the sublime.

    So let us take this holiday
    To resubmit our love
    To those within that know no sin
    And with the angels move.

    Señor Gato

    Ps.- Takes care very well my heart

  6. Hi Jazper! our Lady wishes she could come over and cuddle you too. she could hold and pet a kitty for hours.

    yay - Senor Gato too! we love it when he stops by.

  7. Jazper, nice to learn more about you. :) It's so wonderful that you found a great Forever Home. :) I love to purr too!

  8. Jazper

    You are one lucky kitty.
    And so is not the mama.


  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this list! I loved it that he can purr so loud, the old ladies with the hearing aids can hear him! What a great ambassador!


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