Jack's Bio


Name: Jack Sparrow
Birthday:  approximately June 23, 2009
Gotcha Day: August 11, 2009
Where I Came From: The alley behind The Wren's Nest in Michigan
Breed: Alley Cat!
Coloring: grey and white
Nick-name Not The Mama calls me: Jackie, Jacko, or Jack Jack
Nick-name that iDaddy calls me: Jackie Chin
Down-under: snipped!
Relationship Status:  I'm available!!!
Pet Peeve: when NTM tries to give me meddicashuns - it's not my fault my mum must've had wormies and they seem to keep coming back - why dem pills gotta be so durn big?
Favorite place to sleep in the living room: On a 40 Paws Ham-mick
Favorite Things: belly rubs, chin scritches, and wrassling with my sister Bella
Favorite Treat: Temptations!
Favorite Toy: anything that jingles!
Favorite Color: 
Fun Fact: After Bella was rescued, Auntie Bessie wondered if there were any more kitten-siblings of Bella in the alley.  She spotted me, but it took her over THREE HOURS to catch me!  I was so elusive to catch, like that rascally pirate Captain Jack Sparrow of the movies, that Auntie Bella named me Jack Sparrow.

To view more pics of Jack (and his sister Bella) visit his photo set on Flickr.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Hi Jack...Nice to meet you. I like your bio. You sound like a rascal!

  2. It's nice to get to know you, Jack......and mamabug says you're named after one of her hearthrobs.....:)

  3. You are a very sneaky little cat Jack! I am glad you were caught though (I bet you are too!)

  4. You are a cutie !!!

  5. Jack you are such a cutie, just like your sister! We think NTM is lucky to have found both of you cuties!


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